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Dr Drexler started his practice as co-director of the Women’s Fertility Center in Sacramento, the second IVF practice in California. Although no longer doing IVF, because of this extensive experience he is able to provide nearly all advanced infertility treatments, including fertility injections and intra-uterine insemination.

Trained during his residency in the art of Microscopic Surgery for Tubal Reversal for women who have had tubal ligations, Dr Drexler is one of the only surgeons providing this service in California north of the Bay Area, and has performed more than 100 cases with a great success rate.

“My dad was an endocrinologist taking care of patients with hormonal or metabolic diseases, and during college I became active in research in Reproductive Medicine, and have been intrigued ever since. Every patient is different, and it’s almost like a detective case to figure out the best way to help. It is so fulfilling helping each couple get pregnant.”

  • Brad Drexler, MD

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