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As the father of three children, and one grandchild, I know how important and memorable the delivery experience is. I know how important the decision is about choosing a doctor for this important event. I also know that it “Takes a Village” to birth a child.

Personally, one of the things that inspired me to enter Obstetrics was reading in college Dr. Frederick Leboyer’s book Birth Without Violence. This book approached the delivery experience from the baby’s perspective, stressing the importance of having the birth experience be as natural and comfortable as possible, for both mother and infant.

Our focus is on making the pregnancy experience family, patient, and baby-centered.

My efforts focus on having the highest rate of healthy vaginal delivery as possible. Prenatal care and preparation is very important to this goal. Healthful diet and adequate exercise also help.

Using up to date and proven treatments for guiding shared decision making (known as “Evidence based Medicine”) helps to protect both mother and baby, especially for high risk pregnancies.

Having a trained birth assistant, known as a doula, decreases pain, shortens labor and decreases c-section rates, and can be helpful for many women.

We also know that vaginal delivery rates are very dependent on the delivering practitioner, and I’m very proud of my track record of safe vaginal delivery rates as well as being a patient advocate.

As a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist, I deliver patients at both Sutter Santa Rosa and Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

Brad Drexler, MD

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